A Philosophy of Gut Happiness

There is more to gut health than cleansing, eating plant based and exercise. I believe it goes beyond the physical and reaches into the philosophical.  If our gut is our brain, then surely our gut needs just as much psychology, thought and care. The book that I have written is about the physical body but also about the non-physical. It is about how we think and act. It is the about the character of the bowel, what makes it happy and since it underpins our happiness through the physical production of 90% of our serotonin, what makes us happy. It is the first philosophy of gut happiness.

On December 5th 2017, my aunty, after a long and dreadful struggle, died of bowel cancer. For most of her life, she waxed lyrical about the losing of a few pounds and believed that such an achievement would bring her joy. Before her death, then rake thin, on morphine and hardly recognisable, I asked her how was she finding the dinners in hospital. “What I would not give to be able to eat a dinner” came her reply. Her life was not a stress-free one. She carried with her many resentments, old dysfunctional thinking patterns, secrets and a lot of fear. Despite the fact that she was a highly sensitive intuitive person with the potential to live a long and healthy life, she died a slow, painful, awful death and became one of the 1.8 million people who are affected by colorectal cancer every year.

In this book, I introduce the gut garden concept as part of a Philosophy of Gut Happiness. This book also contains my own story and that of many others who I have had the privilege of knowing over the course of my ten years working with the humble bowel.