ASTROLOGY with Frances

Yoga can help you find the quiet space in your mind that allows you to connect to your own "gut instinct" otherwise known as "intuition". If you want to gain a deeper understanding of your soul's mission, book a karmic astrology reading with Vitality Centre Founder, Your Gut Friend, Frances Flannery.

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Vitality YOGA: Practice yoga to the backdrop of real life and learn the art of "Calm within the Chaos" with a variety of yoga and mediation classes held in our bespoke intimate studio which accommodates 10 students per class.

Workshops and Master classes: From ayurvedic dosha assessment workshops to uncovering the secrets of your astrological soul purpose to The Gut Garden Concept, you will find a rich selection of unique and expansive learning experiences on offer at Vitality Centre Grafton Street.

Gut Health & Yoga: Yoga can have a profound calming influence on the gut. As Irelands leading natural gut health clinic, we are mindful of the gut brain connection. If you would like to achieve a greater sense of calm consider one of our gut health packages.

"Calm within the Chaos" yoga aims to teach urbanites and busy professionals to make friends with the backdrop sounds of the city rather than attempting to block them which is why our unique studio is located right in the heart of the city on Dublin's most iconic Grafton Street.

"It's about adjusting the mindset so that you no longer need to escape from the madness of life physically to experience the stress relieving benefits that yoga can bring. It takes practice but the results are highly valuable especially to those whose lifestyle or career means being constantly exposed to outside stimuli like phones, city noise, and life in general" says Frances Flannery, Your Gut Friend.

The Vitality Edible Herb Garden creates the right ambiance for healing and mindfulness as the scents of fresh herbs and lavender enhance your healing experience with us.

As well as Yoga, Vitality Centre on Grafton Street offers an extensive range of natural gut health, skincare and detox treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy, probiotic enema implants, liver coffee enemas, food intolerance testing and a full range of holistic skincare. Vitality Centre on Grafton Street is also the location of The International Institute of Colonic Hydrotherapy, the only I-ACT accredited training school in Europe.