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At Vitality Centre Clinic, we offer a highly advanced 90 minute detox and lunchtime slimming treatment known as Inchloss Detox Express. This incredible detox combines 5 major detoxifying treatments and offers the most advanced inchloss results possible in a lunchtime conturing treatment.

During a process of deep body warming and cleansing you will remove years of deep body toxicity and undergo a life changing cleanse that will leave you feeling slimmer and slighter instantly. And thats not all, further weight loss may even follow in the days and weeks that follow.

“"I left feeling revived, cleansed and energised on many levels" Holly White Magpie Magazine

Fit that Zip and get ready to feel amazing with Vitalit Centres exclusive Inchloss Detox Express programme.

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Inchloss Detox Express Includes two unique stages which are carried out within 90 minutes

    Preparatory Stage 1
  • Amethyst Thermotherapy
  • Far Infra Red Heat
  • Mechanical Lymphatic Massage
  • Deep Body Detox Stage 2
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy using the Advanced Harley Street Method
  • Anti-Oxidant Liver Coffee Enema

The treatment is not available to those with the following conditions:

Contra indications:


Recent Surgery




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