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Anti-depressants are used to treat IBS. Why? Because the same factors in your digestive tract that trigger depression and anxiety are those that trigger constipation and IBS. It really is that simple. Your mental health is intrically related to your gut health.

Toxins Cause Anxiety

When your body is full of toxins, so too is your brain. And when your brain is full of toxins, you do not feel good. Anxiety and depression very often result.

Anti-Depressants Are Now Used To Treat Gut Health Issues

There is a major connection between gut health, mood and depression. That is why the drugs used to treat IBS ARE anti-depressants. If you are suffering from anxiety, you will be perscribed anti-depressants. If you are suffering from IBS or gut related issues, you will be perscribed the very same drugs. The brain and gut are absolutely 100% connected. By healing the gut, you can reduce anxiety without drugs.

You can instantly improve anxiety by:
1. Detoxing The Body
2. Healing The Gut
3. Breathing


Victoria Mary Clarke is a well known Irish celebrity and writer. She is an advocate of natural health and the best selling author of "Angel In Disguise". Listen to the soothing voice of Victoria Mary Clarke with this 15 minute guided meditation to bring about relaxation and balance during times of stress. Find out more at

15 Minute Guided Meditation

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Aid Sleep
  • Letting Go

Vitality Centre Supports A LUST FOR LIFE

For more information and support in managing stress and anxiety naturally, please check out, a free Irish website developed by Bressie (Niall Breslin) and a team of highly motivated volunteers or order to raise awareness and offer support to anxiety sufferers and mental health issues in Ireland.

With Love


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Please note that guided meditation does not replace medication and that you should only undertake these programmes with the permission of your doctor especially if you are being treated for any psychological disorder or are suffering from any form of psychosis or other psychiatric illness

Imbalanced Gut Flora And Anxiety

An overgrowth of imbalanced gut flora can lead to anxiety. To understand how gut flora works and the relevance of probiotics, lets use a simple analogy. Consider your gut flora to be a micro-scopic garden. Consider an anti-biotic to be equivalent to weed killer on your garden. When you needed to kill a bacterial infection in your body, you may taken an antibiotic. But just like weed killer, that antibiotic (and other drugs including recreational ones) will kill all the plants in your garden (not just the bad stuff). Many people will tell you that its enough to take probiotics at this point to replant your garden. However that is only half the battle. And if you see a white tongue in the morning, are suffering from anxiety and skin conditions, then its almost certain that gut flora imbalance is the issue.

Gut Flora Is Just Like A Garden

If you looked out your kitchen window one week after using weedkiller, what would you expect to see. For sure the weeds would be dead but so too would all the other plants and flowers. But some plants are more resilient than others. In your garden, those resilient plants are weeds and thistles. So they wont die. They will just become dormant and eventually take over in the absense of the other plants. If you threw some seeds out your kitchen window, what would happen? Not much. Taking a probiotic, in the case of candida or imbalanced gut flora is equivalent to throwing some seeds onto a weedy garden and hoping for the best.

Replant Gut Flora Starts With Removing The Weeds

Ask a gardener. The best way to replant a garden is to pull out the weeds. In your gut, those weeds are called Candida. During colonic hydrotherapy, you will often see the excess candida coming way in white chunks. When we see this, we know that there is a major imbalance. Why? Because gut flora (including candida) should be microscopic. That means we should only see it with a microscope. So advanced practices of candida removal should include colonic hydrotherapy (remove excess) followed by a course of probiotics (replant the garden).

Gut Flora Grows In Your Gut

That means your bowel. When you take a probiotic, it MUST get to your gut intact in order to populate and take effect. Oral probiotics are useful but remember that many of them are digested by the gastric juices of the stomach. That is why a probiotic is often introduced into the bowel as an enema post treatment of colonic hydrotherapy for optimal benefits.

A Simple Guide To Making Probiotics At Home

When gut flora is balanced, it is useful to take natural probiotic drinks to keep the garden well. Balancing gut flora is important for your overall gut health. A lot of people know a little about probiotics and what they actually do. To understand what probiotics do, you need to know that your gut is lined with micro- organisms know as gut flora. An estimated 80% of people have imbalanced gut flora due to the incorrect or overuse of antibiotics and other recreational drugs of unknown origins. Imbalanced gut flora called Candida is known to create feelings of anxiety along with a host of other unpleasant symptoms.