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At Dublin Vitality Center we offer one of the most advanced software driven intolerance tests in the world. The FDA certified Bioscan uses electrodes placed on the hands to determine electrical responses of your body to various food items. With a database of over 40K foods, drinks and environmental allergens the BioScan is the worlds leading nutritional testing system and is available exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre in Ireland. When you eliminate the foods which you are intolerant to,you may experience increased energy and weight loss.

The Food Intolerance test is quick safe and non-invasive. It can quickly determine the health of every organ system in your body. Then based on your unique test results, dietary changes tailored to your unique needs are recommended.

Using an electrode on your hands, conductivity at key traditional response points on the hands enable a frequency to enter your body. This frequency represents the food item being tested. A chart is printed which shows foods in red (avoid) green (go ahead) or yellow (caution). The clinician offers advice and alternatives

Colonic hydrotherapy is recommended to cleanse the digestive organs and rid the body of toxins before or after your food intolerance test. This is important for advanced recovery.

If weightloss is your goal or you are not sure how to manage your new eating plan based in the results of your food intolersnce test, you may choose to undergo the 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox after your food intolerance test to rid the body of the most common intolerants. Those are meat, wheat, gluten and dairy. The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox combines the benefit of an advanced eating plan designed to restore every system in your body naturally. It includes every thing you need to begin your journey back to health. This is €399. Book today 019018359

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Food Intolerance Test Special Offer Price €120

Food Intolerance Test

Frances Flannery of Vitality Centre Ballsbridge explains why we become intolerant to certain foods and how a food intolerance test may help. See Video.

BioScan Full Body MOT Health Screening Test NOW €150 NOT €250

If you feel that the items causing issues in your body may not be food related you may upgrade your food intolerance to a health screening test which is known as BioScan Full Body MOT Testing. This advanced full body test includes 40K additional items which include pesticides, plastics, herbicides, pollen, insects, air borne toxins, chemicals in products and foods, body systems such as endocrine, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular.

The NEW BioScan SRT (Stress Reduction Therapy) represents the latest in 21st century health screening technology combined with meridian principles. This advanced profiling instrument is probe-less, non-invasive, safe and quick. It is an FDA Med II device and is found in the most advanced clinics worldwide including Harley Street London and Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge. It uses electrical probes on the fingers to scan your body for electrical responses in much the same way as ECG scans used in hosptials. The full body MOT includes the food intoleranced test.