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"There was certainly a feeling of improved wellbeing, aided, no doubt, by the instant effect of flatter stomach.”
Alexander Fitzgerald


Irelands Leading Detox & Gut Health Specialist Clinics

Vitality Cleanse Programmes

3 Day Detox dublin

Course of 3 Colonics
A course of 3 colonics is the recommended protocol for a full body cleanse to kickstart weight loss reduce bloating. Ideally the proceedure is carried out weekly. Even though one treatment is highly benefical, it is widely accepted that a course of 3 treatment of colonic hydrotherapy offers the very best detox and cleansing results for your body. Aftercare Professional high grade pre & probiotics available at Vitality Centre Clinics
Colonic Irrigation x 3 NOW €250

"I was amazed by how much better I felt"
Kevin Jenkinson

Irish Daily Star

Course of 3 Colonics + 1 x Liver Coffee Enema
Super boost your 3 Day Colonic detox treatment by undergoing the addition of a 1 x herbal liver coffee enema on day 3 which releases further deep toxicity, further advances weight loss, reduces eyebags and offers an all over metabolistic super charge to the entire body. The benefits of having a liver coffee enema on day 3 of your colonic hydrotherapy cleanse is that it targets the liver, your bodies main detoxifyer. The result is a supercharged metabolism for fat loss and reduced eye bags and dark circles. Available at all clinics

Aftercare Professional high grade pre & probiotics available at Vitality Centre Clinics
Colonic Irrigation x 3 Plus Liver Cleanse NOW €280

Additionally skin appeared brighter just one day later
Alexander Fitzgerald


Gut Health Cleanse
If you have been unable to find an answer to ongoing issues such as IBS, constipation, bloating, skin problems, psoriasis, acne and cramping, then this is the programme for you. Not alone will it cleanse away historic build up but offer you an insight into the foods that are causing these issues. Vitality Centres Gut Health Cleanse is a programme which includes the following and which is carried out over 3 weekly sessions (1 per week). Ballsbridge Clinic Only

  • 3 x colonic irrigation treatments
  • 1 x liver coffee enema
  • Food intolerance test & Full body Mot Health Screening Test
    Aftercare Professional high grade pre & probiotics available at Vitality Centre Clinics
    Gut Health Cleanse €399

    "People were commenting on my glowing skin"

    Womans Way

    Because our destination detox clinics are located on Dublins Northside and Southside, you will find a Vitality Centre Clinic near you. Vitality Centre is a recognised leader in detox, gut health and skin care with treatments provided by nurse trained therapists using the most advanced FDA certified systems.

    "Irelands Answer To The Betty Forde Clinic"

    Huffington Post UK

    Hydrotherapists Vitality Centre is the only I-ACT certified training institute in Ireland. This means that all our therapists are trained to the internationally recognised standard.I-ACT trained colonic hydrotherapists adhere to the standards accepted in the USA where the treatment is now regulated under federal law.
    This means that you can expect to receive the very best care with advanced FDA certified equipment during your treatment. Vitality Centre is the preferred clinic for A-List celebrities and dignitaries when seeking colonic treatment in Ireland. The Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy offers advanced privacy and comfort and is found in exclusive clinics worldwide

    "I couldnt be happier with the results"

    U Magazine

    What do to When Detoxing at Home During Dublin Vitality Center 3 Day Detox

    Dublin Vitality Centers 3 Day Detox can be advanced by taking some extra measures at home. It enables you to undertake a mini detox with minimal expense and to attend the clinic for detox treatments such as colonic irrigation, liver detox enemas and mechanical lymphatic massage. No matter what programme you choose, your detox goals will be enhanced with the inclusion of food intolerance testing and Bioscan Health MOT Testing. This is a definite protocol for those suffering from IBS, chronic constipation or skin conditions. Food and weakened body systems can heal with a tailored supplement plan designed specifically for your body.

    Top Tips To Accompany Your Detox

    1. Switch off the Television and the Radio. Instead listen to relaxing music and read a book. You will be surprised how calming it can be. Instead, de-clutter your home and clear your wardrobes of old junk that you no longer use. This is very therapeutic for the mind during a detox. Try it!

    2. Drink warm water. Sip on warm water. Add lemon to flavour it. It will help rid your body of toxins quickly.

    3. Eat simple foods. Cook some simple brown rice, quinoa and vegetables (or those advised on your food intolerance test). Use just simple herbs,pepper to flavour and add some olive oil. Wash all foods in filtered water. Eat slowly in silence and chew your food thoroughly.

    4. Digital Detox: Turn off your mobile phone and take a few days off work. Plan ahead and do your detox at a time when other members of your family or household are on holidays or away. The idea is to have a quiet peaceful space for your mind to relax in.

    5. If weightloss is your goal, you may listen to our Weight Loss Guided Meditation here every night before sleep.

    6. Fast: fasting for 2 hours in advance of your treatment is recommended. It is enough time to shrink your stomack to its normal size and therefore reduce the appetite naturally. Fasting gives your body a break from the stress of digestion so that healing can occur. It allows all the organs to rest and return to normal size. When you are receiving the right minerals , you will not be hungry and you will be able to last 4 - 6 hours easily. This allows you to build up to longer periods. Always gain permission from your GP before undergoing a fast and never fast if you suffer from diabetes or any blood sugar related issue.

    7. Light some candles and burn some aromatic oils. This often helps you to breath deeply which in turn leads to relaxation.. Lavendar oil is very useful and it promotes sleep and relaxation.

    8. Undertake Gentle Exercise: Take a 30 minute refreshing walk in the morning or evening. Breath the fresh oxygen into your lungs. Choose a park, beach or a quiet place where you can get some "me" time without noise or polution.

    9. Dry Body Brush: Treat yourself to a dry body brush. Before you shower, brush the skin in the direction of the heart. This will clear away dead skin cells and it will stimulate the circulation.

    10. Biomat Thermotherapy . Try this incredible treatment whereby you lie on 28lbs of pure amethyst Crystal which is heated by far infra red heat. See for more details or to purchase one for your family.

    11. Go to Bed early and sleep well. Do some basic stretches in the morning to ease away aches and pains.

    12. Keep a Journal: Make a note of how you are feeling and how your mind is. Write down your thoughts each day and before you go to bed. You may be inspired to think of things you want to do. Write it down so that you can get to it when you finish your detox.

    13. Congratulate Yourself! Well done. A detox is a wonderful achievement particularly if it's your first one.

    14. Monitor your Self Talk and make sure you are being kind to yourself with the thoughts you think.

    3 Day Detox Options - Always get medical clearance from your GP before undertaking a detox. You may be asked to confirm that your GP has given you clearance.