Signs Of Amalgam Mercury Filling Poisoning After Removal Treatment.


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Dr. John Murphy of Vevay Holistic Dentistry recommends a course of colonic irrigation after mercury Filling removal. According to Dr. Murphy, mercury is continuously released from amalgam fillings, and numerous research investigations have clearly shown that mercury from this source provides the major contribution to body burden of mercury. The vapour has a direct pathway to the brain. It is inhaled into the lungs, oxidized to ionic mercury and binds to cell proteins.


Common health problems relating to mercury amalgam fillings include:







sore throats



Most patients who do not feel better retain hardened faecal matter containing trapped particles of mercury/amalgam and other combination of corroded metals. Treat with high-fibre diets, added fibre, food-combining techniques where appropriate (Hay diet) and possible colonic irrigation. 


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Have Colonic Irrigation During Amalgam Mercury Filling Removal Treatment.



Amalgam Mercury Filling Body Detox at Dublin Vitality Center

Signs of amalgam mercury poisoning

  1. Extreme sensitivity to alcohol
  2. Debilitating hangovers
  3. Sensitivity to foods and pollutants
  4. Fatigue, depression, irritation, headaches, IBS, constipation
  5. Achy, cold, exhaustion, breathless
  6. Fine muscle tremors, hands, eyelids
  7. Weak eye muscles, eye sight impairment
  8. Reduced libido, Kidney infections

It is recommended to Have Colonic Irrigation After Amalgam Mercury Filling Removal Treatment to ensure that any particles of poisonous mercury are fully removed from the body. Residing mercury particles which are not fully removed may cause reactions and illnesses in the body. At Dublin Vitality Center, we specialise in metal detox which is ideal for those who have recently undergone or are planning on having mercury amalgam filling replacd.  Qualified Dental nurses will advise you on a specialised colonic irrigation detox programme  to ensure mercury poisons do not affect the body after amalgam mercury filling removal. Contact us today to book your colonic amalgam mercury filling detox at Dublin Vitality Center. Before and aftercare with  specialised advice from qualified dental nurses including aftercare, supplements plan and tailored colonic irrigation programme to ensure safe amalgam mercury filling removal.