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RICO Weightloss Candida Diet

The RICO Weightloss Candida Diet is a gluten free food plan and detox programme that cleanses the gut of excess candida whilst simultaneously balancing blood sugars. It is popular with celebrities and models for one reason. IT WORKS. It works like no other diet can because of the unique combination of deep body detox and insulin balancing foods. If you are serious about weightloss and have been unsuccessful on every other diet plan. Don't despair. RICO may be the right programme for you. It works where others have failed.

The Secret Of The RICO Weight Loss Candida Diet

It is a fact that candida impedes weightloss. The symptoms are extremely common: one in three people may be subject to them. But very little is known about it and right now very few diets offer a proven method of controlling it or removing it from the body. Candida lives in the bowel. That is where its main roots and colonies are. It is estimated that a high percentage of people have an imbalance of candida due to the prevalence of anti-biotics in modern society.An anti-biotic is to your gut what weed killer is to your garden. It does not discriminate in the bacteria that it kills. It kills good and bad. Candida is to your bowel what thistles are to your garden. It is a normal part of the gut flora albeit a very resilient one. Unlike most gut flora it can survive anti-biotics which is why it takes over the entire bowel.

Why Does Candida Overgrow In The Gut

Candida, however, is an opportunistic organism and at the first sign of stress it has a tendency to spread inappropriately. It can also overgrow due to over or incorrect use of anti-biotics. Consider what happens when you spray your garden with weed killer. All plant life dies but the thistles and weeds which are most resilient lie dormant for a short while and then take over the garden. This is what happens with candida. There is no point in putting more weed killer in. You need to pull out the candida by the root and then replant the garden.

Will Probiotics Help Kill Candida?

No probiotics are not designed to fight candida. Probiotics are most useful after a course of colonic hydrotherapy since the excess candida has been cleared away. Taking probiotics will not kill candida or even control it. The excess candida needs to be physically removed first. That is why colonic hydrotherapy is an integral part of the RICO Weightloss Candida diet plan.

What is Candida?

Candida is a normal part of our gut flora, and, in healthy competition with our other intestinal flora, it serves us well since its job is to remove excess heavy metal toxicity from the body. But like a resilient weed, it grows and takes over the bowel in the absence of the other normal gut flora that should keep it in check. This happens due to the incorrect or over use of anti-biotics.

Candida and Weight Loss

It is known that candida can hinder weight loss. The most common reason is that it creates powerful sugar cravings but there are also many other reasons why candida and weightloss are linked. The RICO rapid inchloss candida diet helps eliminate sugar craving and detoxes the body of candida at the same time. It also balances insulin and helps you remove sugar addictions once and for all. Weightloss occurs easily and consistently on the RICO diet.

What To Expect On RICO Weightloss Candida Diet

Rico Diet Stage 1. On the first week of the RICO rapid inchloss candida diet you will undergo a session of colonic hydrotherapy using the advanced Harley Street method. This is designed to remove the colonies or roots of the candida plant that live in the bowel. It is very likely that you will actually see it passing by in the viewing tubes. It appears similar to cotton wool and varies in colour from white to yellow.

Rico Diet Stage 2. After your candida detox clearing colonic hydrotherapy session, your body will be deeply hydrated and therefore your metabolism is supercharged to kickstart weightloss. You will be recommended to concentrate on removing sugar in all forms from your kitchen fridge, freezer and presses. This means sugar, honey, ice cream, jams, biscuits and any other sugary foods that may be lurking in your home. Candida feeds on sugar and the RICO weightloss diet is designed to starve it of its favourite food whilst at the same time offering you delicious nutritious real foods that will keep you satisfied and energised as you shed excess kilos. You will receive your diet plan on week 2 along with a second session of colonic hydrotherapy.

RICO DIET STAGE 3: On week 3 you will visit the clinic for your final treatment. This will include one more session of colonic hydrotherapy followed by a liver coffee enema to remove any residual candida and also to deeply cleanse your entire body. By cleansing the liver, you will boost all 500 metabolistic functions including weight loss. A probiotic is recommended and offered in order to replant good gut flora.

The RICO diet has been approved by a qualified dietition. It works where other diets fail for Rapid Inchloss and Candida Out. It can work for you. Try it see.

Signs of Candida

  • White tongue in the morning
  • Sugar cravings
  • Itching eyes, scalp, skin
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Irritability
  • Yeast infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Brain fog

Book RICO Weightloss Candida Diet Today €399 exclusively at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge. Price includes 3 x colonic hydrotherapy and 1 liver coffee enema plus full diet plan. Probiotics are €20 extra.