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derma pen dublin

Medical Derma Pen

derma pen micro needling Dublin

Micro Skin Needling is often referred to as "The Natural Botox" because it can dramatically create younger looking skin over a number of weeks. Medical derma pen skin needling reaches far into the lower dermis of the skin to address deep wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and problems which other treatments simply can't reach. Results are incredible and visable after just one treatment. Derma Pen Skin needling has become the most popular non surgical skin rejuvenating treatment available today. At Dublin Vitality Center, this advanced medical treatment is enhanced with the application of hyaluronic, peptides and collagen. Medical Skin Needling should always be carried out by a qualified skin therapist or Nurse. Needle lengths vary. It is important to match the correct depth to your skin requirements. Only a qualified medical skin practitioner will understand your skins requirements correctly.

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 €120 NOT €180

Colonic Hydrotherapy - The Harley Street Method

At Dublin Vitality Center, it is now possible to experience the health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy with advanced privacy and comfort by nurse trained therapists. The Harley Street Method™ is available exclusively at Dublin Vitality Center Ireland. Tubes are considerably smaller than traditional methods. And the client can enjoy brief periods of total privacy in the room whilst the therapist is available on a bell system. Because Dublin Vitality Center is a registered I-ACT training school for colon hydrotherapist, you can be sure that you are receiving the very best colonic hydrotherapy expertise possible.Our nurse trained therapists hold Advanced and Instructor level certification which means they have undergone 6 years of practical training and are experts in their field. Colonic hydrotherapy is ideal for anyone who is suffering from bloating, weight gain, skin problems, IBS, insomnia, PMS, mild depression or who wishes to detox for vitality and well-being.

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Price For Colonic Hydrotherapy - Harley Street Method - €90.00

Liver Caffeine Enemas | Herbal Liver Coffee Enema | Liver Flush

Liver Coffee enemas are known to deeply cleanse and detoxify the liver of poisons which may accumulate from exposure to alcohol, medication, drugs, food additives, hormones and environmental toxins. Once the liver is cleansed, the body experiences renewed vitality and increased energy. This is the ultimate detox and is carried out directly after colonic irrigation for the very best results. Only on an empty colon will the contents of the liver coffee enema be absorbed properly. That is why it is necessary to have the two treatments consecutively.

Liver Coffee enemas result in a immediate reduction in bloating and particularly target dark circles and eyebags under the eyes. Dark under eye circles are a telling sign of liver toxification and indicate that the liver is over stressed and needs to be detoxed.

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Liver Coffee Enema including colonic €120

Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion

Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion is the ultimate non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment for abrasion of fine lines, wrinkles, dead skin, sun damage and pigmentation which resides in the upper dermal layer. Medical Microdermabrasion is provided by nurse trained therapists using advanced Vitality Living Method skin science products with include hyaluron, peptides and collagen. Aftercare SPF factor 30 is recommended daily available at Dublin Vitality Center

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Price For Microdermabrasion €90.00

Short Wave Diathermy

Short Wave Diathermy is a pulsed needle which penetrates the skin and removes the capillary or broken vein instantly. Many surgeons agree that it is, by far, the most reliable and consistent treatment for the removal of facial red veins, skin tags, spider nervai and milia. This treatment is ideal for the face and results in most cases are instant. This treatment is extremely popular for men and women of all ages and ideal for those who require consistent instants. In rare cases, a second or third treatment is required but mostly diathermy requires just one single treatment for excellent results

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Price For Single Treatment: €90

Food Intolerance Test €120

Using the most advanced FDA certified computerised system, Dublin Vitality Center is the very first clinic in Ireland to offer the highly acclaimed BioScan® Food Intolerance Testing System. BioScan® is the only food intolerance test which is certified by the FDA which means it is medical grade equipment. It is the gold standard for food intolerance testing across the world and is found in the most advanced clinics including Harley Street London. Results are accurate and instant. No needles, no blood.

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Food Intolerance Test €120

Laser Teeth Whitening

At Dublin Vitality Center, it is now possible to achieve a beautiful white smile without the use of peroxide or acid. Our qualified dental nurse has been whitening smiles for over 6 years which is the reason that we often receive referrals from dentists whose patients are unsuitable to undergo peroxide based treatments due to sensitivity. Laser Teeth Whitening at Vitality Centre uses advanced teeth whitening products to ensure excellent results without sensitivity. Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center offers you a unique safe system which whitens teeth without pain or sensitivity. This is a perfect alternative for those who are concerned about sensitivity and who are seeking natural looking results. Gentle, effective and 100% non peroxide and Acid FREE.

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1 Hour Laser White Teeth Whitening €99.00

Inchloss Detox Express™

inchloss detox express wrap weightloss dublin

Inchloss Detox Express is an advanced inchloss treatment which combines 5 powerful detox treatments to remove excess inches, bloating and deep toxicity within the body. Mechanical lymphatic drainage, colonic hydrotherapy using the Harley Street Method™ and a deep cleansing liver flush enema remove years of impaction and leave you hydrated and refreshed. Appetite is naturally recalibrated and hydration restored to the entire body. And did we mention glowing skin and advanced vitality? If you need to look your absolute best fast, then Inchloss Detox Express is an absolute must. This is the most popular treatment for those who are seeking fast and consistent inchloss results in advance of an event or for those who wish to kickstart detox and weightloss.

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Price For Inchloss Detox Express - €250.00

Qian Baijia Jade and Amethyst Gua Sha Facial

Biomat crystal facial dublin

Layers of exclusive plant based Qian Baijia Skin Minerals are applied in sequence to the upper dermis of the face. This unique facial uses jade crystal "Gua Sha" an ancient Japanese healing technique, combined with collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides to cool, sooth, balance and hydrate the skin. The result is deeply moistured skin that glows with radiance and youthful vitality. The use of hot amethyst crystal beds and far infra red ensures your body and muscles are relaxed. Ballsbridge Clinic Only

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Price For Single Treatment: €90 not €100

Skinny Cleanse | 14 Day detox

14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox begins with colonic irrigaton to cleanse the bowel and hydrate the body. The principles of the Vitality Living Method 14 Day Detox Skinny Cleanse are explained in full. A professionally printed full colour recipe plan is given to you. This includes a shopping list, vitamin plan and instructions. It provides you with a road map to enable you to carry out a total body detox. You will be provided with a variety of vitamins and mineral to boost fat burn, reduce appetite, detox and remove free radicals from the body. Expect maximum inchloss and weight loss in 14 days. Tailored supplement plan and liver coffee enema included.

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Price: €399

BioScan Full Body MOT Health Screening Test

health test Bioscan

If you feel that the items causing issues in your body may not be food related you may upgrade your food intolerance to a health screening test which is known as BioScan Full Body MOT Testing. This advanced full body test includes 40K additional items which include pesticides, plastics, herbicides, pollen, insects, air borne toxins, chemicals in products and foods, body systems such as endocrine, circulatory, skeletal, muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular.

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Full Body MOT Health Screening Test €150.00

3 Day Colonic Detox with liver cleanse

A course of 3 colonics is the recommended protocol for a full body cleanse. Ideally the proceedure is carried out weekly. Super boost your 3 Day Colonic detox treatment by undergoing the addition of a 1 x herbal liver coffee enema on day 3 which releases further deep toxicity, reduces eyebags and offers an all over metabolistic super charge to the entire body. Ask about 3 day detox with liver cleanse for maximum weight loss and results. Available at all clinics.

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3 Colonics €250/ with coffee enema cleanse €280

Gut Health Vitality Cleanse

IBS cure dublin

Gut Health Vitality Cleanse combines the benefits of food intolerance testing with colonic hydrotherapy and liver detoxification. It is ideal for those with IBS, constipation or to kickstart weightloss by clearing the bowel and introducing the correct foods afterwards. You will attend the clinic for 3 weekly visits, where you will undergo advanced colonic hydrotherapy using The Harley Street Method. You will also undergo food intolerance testing during one of your visits, to ensure that the foods which enter your body are the right ones for you going forward. This life changing detox and nutritional correction offers powerful health giving benefits to those with bowel issues and can result in weight loss, reduced bloating and increased energy. Included tailored supplement programme. Available at Ballsbridge only

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Price €399