Frances Flannery

Irelands First And Only Functional Gut Health Clinic Opens On Grafton Street

To celebrate the launch of Vitality Centre on Dublins Grafton Street, Frances Flannery willl host an art exhibition entitled "Five Thousand Years Of Gut Health" at No. 2 Grafton Street. The exhibition will include a number of artwork images inspired by the bodys most fascinating and forgotten organ , the bowel. It includes an outline of the history of gut health from Egyptian and Biblical times to the present day. It also includes details of progressive and emerging sciencific research relating to the human digestive system which is changing the our understanding of wellbeing and functional medicine. And it offers information about Vitality Centre and the functional gut health therapies that are on offer at Vitality Centre Grafton Street, for those who seek to improve their overall health by restoring balance at its source, within the gut.

General Colon by Jim Cleary