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Consumer Rights Policy


Terms and Conditions

Relating To Service, Products and Treatments Provided by Vitality Centre LTD

Group bookings are considered to be those who wish to book appointments on behalf of 1 or more persons. In the case of a person seeking to book for more than 1 person at any time, a full payment will be required for both or all persons.The booking will be made in the name of the person making the booking and payment for all parties willl be deducted from their card via telephone. In the event of any group seeking to book appointments, it will be necessary for full payment to be made for all people attending. No booking will be confirmed for a group unless full payment is received for all persons. Refunds will not be given for or against the booking of any person in the group who cancels or fails to attend their appointment with less than 24 hours. Groups may be asked to book online and will be required to pay in full through the online booking system in the event that they are asked to pay online.

In the event of a booking being made online or via telephone a non refundable minimum deposit of 20 euros or in some cases full payment will be held. If for any reason the client fails to attend the appointment without 24 hours notice, this deposit or full payment will not be returned. If the treatment cannot be carried out due to late arrival or in the event that the client has a pre-disposed condition or is on medication which contraindicates the treatment being done the deposit is non refundable.

Teeth whitening at Vitality Centre is referred to as Naturally White or Smile White. The treatment is designed to remove stains and create whiter teeth. The expected outcome cannot be predicted and results vary from person to person. The treatment is ideal for those seeking natural looking results. Flourosis and white spots already present in the enamel may be revealed by the treatment. Lines of occlusal force are normal and are present in advance of treatment for many people.

These consumer rights apply to all treatments provided by Vitality Centre including but not limited to teeth whitening, diathermy, colonic hydrotherapy, liver coffee enemas, inch loss detox express, party lifestyle cleanse, biomat thermotherapy, food intolerance testing, Bioscan Body MOT microdermabrasion, skin needling, laser skin treatments and any other product or treatment provided by Vitality Centre.

As a professional provider of teeth whitening, diathermy, colonic hydrotherapy, liver coffee enemas, inch loss detox express, party lifestyle cleanse, biomat thermotherapy, food intolerance testing, Bioscan Body MOT, microdermabrasion, skin needling, laser skin treatments and any other product or treatment promoted by Vitality Centre, we operate a clear and established consumer rights policy which is outlined in this document for your protection and your interest. By entering into business with Vitality Centre, you are confirming that you have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined herewith as is your legal obligation as a consumer .

In the event of dissatisfaction for any reason with any treatment, the consumer has the right to air their dissatisfaction in writing. Any contact with Vitality Centre Ltd after the items in this document have been explained or furnished electronically, may be deemed harassment and may result in prosecution.

Under the Defamation Act 2009, any slanderous or malicious material or threat including the threat to defame online, via email or verbally will be investigated and may result in prosecution, a criminal record and examination of all electronic devices by An Garda Siochana.

In accordance with the sale of goods act 1980, Vitality Centre Ltd does not offer refunds or additional treatments or any other monetary compensation or otherwise without exception for any reason. The client accepts that results cannot be guaranteed due to variables outside the control of Vitality Centre LTD. By entering into business with Vitality Centre Ltd, the buyer accepts this.

Vitality Centre LTD is not obliged to enter into any discussion regarding refunds or discounts once the service or treatment has been consumed or a period of 3 months has lapsed since treatment was paid for.

In the event of an incomplete treatment for any reason that results in the client leaving early or if the client has arrived late or treatment was late to start , the full amount of the treatment is payable before leaving the clinic.

Emails, phone calls and other communications are recorded. Persistent emails or phone calls of a bullying, demanding, unreasonable, threatening or aggressive nature are deemed harassment and will be reported to An Garda Siochana.

Any behaviour or language or communication deemed unreasonable, inappropriate, violent, threatening, excessive or violating will be reported to An Garda Siochana and may result in a criminal record.

Under the Non Fatal Offences Against The Person Act 1997 and the Offences Against The Person Act 1861, Vitality Centre Ltd staff reserve the right to refuse to communicate or provide service to any person deemed to be exhibiting signs or symptoms of alcohol or drug usage or who is exhibiting any form of suspected altered state or medically contraindicated.

Marks and redness will occur after skin treatments. This is normal. The consumer accepts this and agrees to follow appropriate aftercare and recommendations given by the therapist. Due to variables from person to person, a longer than average aftercare period may be required.

Late arrivals without 24 hours of notice are considered treatments consumed. Since the booking or clinic time cannot be offered to another client, you may be charged or billed or the treatment cost deducted from pre-paid sessions or from credit card. If a client arrives late and treatment is offered treatment time may be reduced to accommodate the resulting delay.

Cancellations must be sent via email in writing no less than 24 hours in advance of the booking time.. Phone messages, texts or other forms of communication may not be received on time and may still result in full payment being requested or treatment deducted from pre-paid sessions or from credit card.

Packages, vouchers and treatments that are pre-paid in advance will be valid of 3 months. No refund or extension will be offered under any circumstance. If the treatment is not used within this time, it is considered null and void.

Vitality Centre Ltd reserves the right to cease communication on any issue that is considered closed.

Vitality Centre reserves the right to amend, edit, update, any policy, information, marketing relating to any product or service without notification. Historic and out of date promotions and web content will NOT be accepted. Relevant prices will be featured on only.

In relation to laser treatments, burning or other problems may result if aftercare is not followed correctly or the client did not disclose details about their skin or lifestyle.

Food intolerance testing and Full Body MOT are non medical and non diagnostic. If you require a medical diagnosis, you are recommended to contact a registered physician. The client understands that tests carried out by Vitality Centre LTD do not replace a doctors diagnosis of any food allergy or medical condition. Food allergies are more serious conditions which may result in hospitalisation and may not show up in food intolerance testing due to variables beyond the control of Vitality Centre LTD.

Vitality Centre LTD reserves the right to cancel any treatment at any time for any reason and to refuse any person for any reason for any treatment.

Vouchers, products and pre-paid packages are non refundable and no conversation will be entered into.

This policy is in line with the consumer rights and sale of goods act 1980. As a customer, it is your obligation to read this document in advance of treatment and to understand and accept the terms and conditions of doing business with Vitality Centre LTD as outlined herein and your responsibility as a consumer.

Any adverse reactions thought to be related to any treatment must be reported to the clinic within 7 - 14 days post treatment. If a period beyond this time has lapsed, it is not possible to establish the cause of the reaction and it may be considered to be unlinked to your treatment.

Bloating, cramping, discomfort may be experienced post gut health treatment in the case of colonic hydrotherapy. This is stated on aftercare forms. Please note that a course of 3 treatments is recommended to all persons to fully clear bloating, cramping and discomfort symptoms.