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Those who suffer from constipation can achieve instantly relief having Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre.  By clearing the colon with colonic irrigation, constipation can be remedied and because The Harley Street Method offers advanced hydrotherapy benefits, the bowel is strenghtened and brought back to health by naturally restoring peristalsis. A course of colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre helps builds strength in the colon and restores peristaltic action so that the bowel begins to move naturally and respond to the call of nature hense avoiding the ongoing discomfort of constipation.


Often Diarrhea is caused by constipation which has become impacted and adheres to the walls of the colon. Diarrhea occurs as fluid falls through the soft matter in the middle with no muscle to move it along. Colonic irrigation may clear the impaction. Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre is often chosen to remove the deeper issue of mucoid plaque which very often impedes the normal movement of the bowel resulting in what is often called as "Fall Through" diarrhea. This type of diarrhea is often present after a period of constipation and indicates deep fecal impaction which can be removed gently and gradually with colonic irrigaiton Dublin Vitality Centre over 3 weeks. One treatment per week is recommended in such cases.

Weak Immune System

A weak immune system is often the result of exhausted adrenals due to long term stress, over production of hormone and a build up of toxins in the liver. Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre and coffee enemas can reduce toxic load. The coffee enema solution is green coffee bean. It does not contain the toxins associated with everyday drinking coffee. Those suffering from weak immune system may require a course of pre and probiotics along with some other vitamins to build up the body.


Skin problems,Acne, spots on back

Often caused by toxic overload resulting from the body not eliminating effectively. Toxins in the colon are re-absorbed and may be pushed out by the body through the skin resulting in acne or spots on the back. Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre takes the pressure of the other eliminatory organs anc therefore leads to skin clearing naturally. Particularly is the spots are under the skin and do not come to a head.


Circulation & Celulite problems

Often again caused by toxins in the cells. Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre may help clear the problem and rehydrate each cell with fresh water.


Benefits of Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre **SPECIAL OFFER 2016* €90 not €120, Blanchardstown and Southside Dublin City Centre at 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.


3 Day Detox - Dublin Vitality Center

Colonic Irrigation Dublin Benefits | Dublin Vitality Centre

Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre offers many benefits for the overall improvements in health and wellbeing and is ideal for those who suffer from IBS, bloating, spots on the skin, constipation or who feel sluggish and full of toxins. Because Colonic Irrrigation Dublin Vitality Centre is offered at 2 clinics in Dublin, there is always a convenient location near you. Blanchardstown and Southside Dublin City Centre at 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.  Colonic Irrigation Benefits include the following:  Flatten Tummy, Brighten Skin, Reduce Bloating, Kickstart Weight Loss. Southside and Northside Clinics.



IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Thought to be caused by deterioration of the peristaltic muscles of the colon or weakening of the muscles due to laxatives or ignoring the call to use the toilet. Many people develop this habit from childhood.Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre strenghtens the muscles of the colon and may retrain the bowel restoring normal colon function. Read More

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             *irritability            *depression       *insomnia             *prostate problems

             *frequent colds     *food cravings  *hypoglycemia     *difficult weight loss

             *abdominal gas     *indigestion      *hypertension       *foul body odor

             *dirty blood           *leaky gut         *poor immunity    *menstrual problems


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Weight Problems

A body which is constipated, dehydrated, toxic or where metabolism is reduced may be prone to weight gain. Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre can help addresss this and may lead to weight loss.



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