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When you suffer with back pain, its worth considering colonic irrigation as impaction in the colon often puts pressure on the back nerves leading to pain. . A course of colonics may be just what is needed to relieve back pain.


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Can Colonic Irrigation Help With Back Pain?

Back pain can sometimes be caused by constipation as the bowel presses onto the nerves of the lower back and spine. That is why colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge or Blanchardstown is often recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. Suffering with back pain makes life a struggle and there are multiple causes of the pain. For many, it's the aging of the body. As we increase in age, our body loses it's ability to heal and heal fast, so people tend to experience greater pain and for longer periods of time. It's annoying because it interferes with all aspects of life and makes it that much harder to get around.

If the issue is prevalent among so many people, then what are they doing to get help? Well, most people who suffer with back pain are receiving treatment from a chiropractor. Either they knew that a chiropractor could help or they received a tip from a close friend or family member. Whoever told them to see a chiropractor was right. Chiropractic treatment is exactly what you need.

Chiropractic treatment targets the area of pain directly and works to alleviate pain within 24 to 48 hours after having treatment. Treatment is conducted using several stretching and adjusting methods. Force is applied, but do not be scared of the word "force." It does not cause more pain than you are currently experiencing and the force is needed to correct the current issue. This particular force opens channels for nerves to function properly throughout the spine. Nerves are what send messages to your brain, and in this case, they send the message that something hurts and you feel pain. When those channels are opened, nerves send a different message. They send a message of healing and relief.

Not only is it about current relief, but it's also about preventative care. Once the current issue is resolved, the long-term issue must be corrected through several care programs. These programs range from routine adjustments by the chiropractor, a healthy and balance diet, exercise, and good posture. When you eliminate the long-term issue is when you receive true relief. So, don't stop just with current care and a quick fix. Make sure you stick with it to cure the entire problem and get back to a healthy life.

Everyone desires relief, right? So if a chiropractor can promise relief from back pain, why not get the treatment you need? See why so many people are getting chiropractic treatment and how it helps them to live a comfortable life. Don't give up anything you enjoy in life because of back pain. Stop the issue with force!

Back pain can sometimes be caused by constipation as the bowel presses onto the nerves of the lower back and spine. That is why colonic hydrotherapy or irrigaiton at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge or Blanchardstown is sometimes recommended by physiotherapists and doctors