"I have had colonic hydrotherapy treatments all over the world (UK, USA, India, Thailand, Ireland) Frances Flannery of Dublin Vitality Centre is the best by MILES! Frances brings something unique and wonderful to the treatment, her own dedication to the comfort and quality of the treatment as well as her vibrant energy and warmth. I cannot recommend her highly enough!'

Victoria Mary Clark, Journalist and Socialite

“Visiting Dublin Vitality Center changed my life. I could not recommend you highly enough. Thanks for everything” -Ciara Carolan

“A friend told me about colonics irrigation at Dublin Vitality Center. There is no way I would ever have tried it if I did not have the Harley Street Method. It was much easier and more private than I could have imagined. Love the clinic too. Ill be back. “ -Jason McGrattan, Fitness Trainer

“I have to say, I found the idea of colonic detox rather strange at first. You put me right at ease though. I felt much slimmer and really light after it. “ -Sarah Hanlon

“Loved the microdermabrasion. So relaxing. I thought Id be a red faced lobster for days but my skin looked lovely within 48 hours and make up stayed on so well.” -Karen Fitzpatrick

“The natural teeth whitening system that you use caused me no sensitivity at all. I was expecting shocks and pain afterward but it was actually very relaxing. Loved the movie too. And my teeth are clean and bright. Thanks “ -Paul Cowen

“Your clinic is a relaxing haven. Im always hit by the most beautiful smell of lavender when I walk in. Cosy and personal. Definitely a chill out zone.” -Moira Manning