• Chemical Peel €160 NOT €200
  • Chemical Peel €160 NOT €200
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    Begin 2018 With a Detox Stay At Vitality Centre Ballsbridge

    detox holiday ireland

    Ireland is the perfect place to undergo a relaxing and life giving detox holiday. With it beautiful moderate climate and magnificent scenery, Ireland is now the number one place in the world to enjoy a detox holiday.

    detox holiday ireland

    Do You Need A Detox Holiday

    colonic irrigation detox holiday ireland

    Get off the “Merry Go Round” of Life with a Detox Holiday in Ireland Life is stressful. That’s a fact. It brings with it ups and downs. Career, death, marriage, divorce, injury, illness, moving home and family problems are all common situations which can leave us struggling to cope. Living our lives can sometimes feel like being on merry-go-round with no “off” switch. Even a regular holiday can bring stressful situations to the fore. And getting away from it all may not be enough.

    Daily Supplements Fish oils Zinc, magnesium

    detox holiday ballsbridge dublin

    Daily Liquid Diet

    • 3 - 5 juices daily - detox superfood juices
    • Any herbal tea (except green tea)

    For the Mind

    • Hot Amethyst Thermotherapy
    • Daily Use of Gym


    • Probiotics
    • Green Bean Extract
    • Vitamin E

    Body Treatment Daily

    • Daily Colonic Hydrotherapy
    • Daily Liver coffee enema
    • Food intolerance test
    • Full Body Health Scan Test
    • Walking/biking/trekking/reading - Enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas of Wicklow

    The Perfect Detox Venue

    • No Bar, No Noise, No Restaurants, No Temptations

    Additional Treatments Available Onsite

    • Natural Plant Qian Baijia Gwa Sha Facial
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Derma Pen Skin Needling
    • Mechanical Lymphatic Massage
    • Red Vein Removal

    2 Day Stay Per Person

    €899 - Please check prices

    • Flights Extra
    • Airport Bus Stops outside
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    A detox holiday is the ultimate “ME TIME” opportunity

    A detox holiday enables you to step away from your routine and take time out to truly relax your body and mind. Stepping away from your life lets you see things from a whole new perspective. Set in the tranquil secluded countryside of Ireland, our detox locations offer you an amazing opportunity to switch off completely, leaving behind the stresses and worries of everyday life, work, career and family. You will be encouraged to switch off or leave your mobile phone and laptop at home. You will enjoy supervised detox and fasting as well as supplements, massage and optional colonic enemas among people who are in the same frame of mind. This wonderful group setting makes detoxing so much easier to do than it is on your own.

    The Benefits of A Detox Holiday

    During your 2 day detox holiday, your body will undergo intensive detoxification. Your body will be thoroughly cleaned and restored. Most people lose vast amounts of weight and enjoy the kind of peaceful sleep that they never thought possible. You will return home with a new and healthy approach to life which will enable you to cope and live more effectively and efficiently.

    • Lose weight
    • Reduce bloating
    • Increase wellbeing
    • Feel more Relaxed
    • Feel happier
    • Clarify thoughts
    • Allow body to heal
    • Increase health
    • Remove toxic build up
    • Prevent Illness
    • Reduce Stress