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Colonic Irrigation may help remove toxins from the body and therefore increase the detoxification process and reduce cellulite.


Detoxing with colonic irrigation means removal hormones, pesticides and other toxins from the liver and bowel. This can help with weight loss.


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Kickstart Weightloss, Flatten Tummy, Reduce Bloating and Brighten Skin with Colonic Hydrotherapy Irrigation at Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown Clinics.


Is Coffee/Caffeine Healthy?

Millions of people on waking, head for a strong coffee (or tea), maybe a cigarette and almost certainly start the day with white toast and jam - the first sign of a hypoglycemic.

What a kick-start to the system! The fast releasing refined flour, combined with the coffee, forces up low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) with the sudden release of adrenalin. You begin to feel all is well with the morning - and the body is back to normal.

As the low blood sugar levels rise the body feels alert and even energised. The drinking of coffee relaxes us and we think surely this could not be doing any harm.

But a doctor, Peter Rogers, has asked in a study whether coffee was relieving withdrawal symptoms (from overnight) or increasing alertness. In fact, he found that the people who drink coffee do not feel better than non-drinkers.

They just feel vastly better than they did in the first 10 minutes after waking. The first coffee relieves the withdrawal symptoms of coffee.

Coffee isn't the only substance to act this way on your body - sugar and refined carbohydrates, especially in combination, act in a similar manner. As in a stressful situation the body's glands release adrenalin and dopamine hormones.

These raise your low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) by drawing on your glucose reserves to provide fast fuel to the body. This was especially useful in prehistoric times when evasive action was required after meeting a wild beast.

But in modern times the body's similar reaction to stress, coffee and sugar, over time, leads to very serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

The body sits atop a slippery slope - gradually it requires more and more stimulants and sugars to feel normal. And it slowly becomes insensitive to it's own natural stimulant of adrenalin.

What can be done? You need to drastically reduce stimulants and cut sugar out of your diet completely. This is why dieting programmes put coffee very low on the list of 'must haves'. It should be seen as a treat, not a regular part of the diet.

However, the good news is once you stop and eat a balanced diet, your low blood sugar levels become a thing of the past. You will have quit your cravings and tiredness.

To help you achieve this will require some effort and research. You will need the very latest and extensive knowledge of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) and it does not need to break the bank.



Toxic Foods That Cause Weight Gain

Detoxing with colonic irrigation means removal hormones, pesticides and other toxins from the liver and bowel. This can help with weight loss.


There have been hundreds of diets marketed to the public, some of them reasonable, some crazy. Luckily, the basics of healthy eating are well understood and quite simple. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables, and other whole foods, cut back on processed food and food with a lot of sugar, salt and fat. And if you're overweight, try to eat less. Let's touch briefly on each of the less healthy foods.

1. Sugar: Sugar is a natural source of energy and we've evolved with a strong appetite for it. The problem is, our early ancestors had a hard time finding much sugar at all. Our metabolism isn't built to handle more than a little, and unless we're careful, we're eating a lot. The average American eats an astonishing two to three pounds of sugar each week, week in and week out. Sugar is implicated in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, suppresses the immune system, and has been linked as a major cause of hyperactivity, anxiety and depression.

2. Salt: Sodium, like sugar, is found in large amounts in most of the foods we eat. It's an inexpensive way to make flavorless foods tasty. Unfortunately, salt is implicated in stroke, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. USDA guidelines recommend that no one consume more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, and no more than 1,500 mg for anyone over the age of 51, or of African descent or with high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease. To understand how living in accordance with these guidelines would change most people's diets, a teaspoon of salt contains 2,325 milligrams of sodium. Cooking differently and finding salt-free seasonings and flavorings can help to make the change without taking the pleasure out of eating.

3. Fat: Fats, especially in America, are strongly connected with the pleasure of eating. Unfortunately, they are also linked to cardiovascular disease, heart attack and high blood pressure. The epidemic of obesity has other consequences, including a connection with diabetes. As is the case for sugar and salt, weaning yourself from fats gets easier the more you succeed.

For all three, your metabolism has adjusted itself so that it makes you feel hungry for these ingredients and you might crave them as you cut down. Making a gradual and consistent change will feel much more manageable after only a week or two. As you're losing your taste for unhealthy eating, reinforce your taste for whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. It won't be long before you'll be feeling healthier, with more energy, more mental clarity, more positive and less volatile moods.

And everything's better when you're sufficiently hydrated. Gradually increase your daily intake of plain water (not soda, coffee, etc.) and you'll be healthier. Make changes gradually, don't eliminate favorite unhealthy foods without first gradually reducing serving sizes and frequency. There is such a strong connection between the food we eat and how deprived or abundant our lives seem. This directly affects how much pleasure we find in life, so much so, that remaining positive, being good to ourselves, and making sure to find healthy foods and recipes that we actually enjoy is of vital importance.

There are a lot of resources easily available that will help support the decision to start eating more healthy food. Once you start looking, you'll find lots of tips, recipes and healthy ways to prepare and flavor food without the salt, sugar and fat.

Go now and get more information about healthy eating, cooking tips, salt-free, sugar-free seasonings, a salt substitute and recipes. And I invite you to sign up for our FREE Season It Newsletter when you visit Owner Debbie Benson has over 30 years experience promoting salt free, sugar free seasonings.


Detoxing with colonic irrigation means removal hormones, pesticides and other toxins from the liver and bowel. This can help with weight loss.