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Every new weightloss and fitness programme should begin with a full body cleanse with colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown


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How To Set A Goal For The New Year

Every new weightloss and fitness programme should begin with a full body cleanse with colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown.


There are a lot of promises made during the New Year but many of them never get done. This is because people often set unrealistic goals. The secret of achieving New Year's goals is to set a specific time frame and action plan for a goal and stay motivated.

A person who sets New Year's resolutions will expect accomplishments when he sets realistic goals that he will undertake happily. He can gather ideas on how to accomplish his goals or ask a friend to help him do it. For instance, if he wishes to lose 15 lbs he needs to take into account how he would perform some exercises every day, enroll in martial arts or dance classes or ask a friend to go with him as he works out regularly so that he will stay motivated.

Keeping a good sense of humor is essential in achieving a set of goals for the New Year. With this approach, even extreme goals are likely to be achievable. But it is important that the person will accept the fact that he can always commit mistakes and he has to enjoy the process despite unfavorable situations. Here are things to do when setting a goal for the New Year.

List all your goals for the New Year. You need to list all what you want to achieve for the New Year because this will serve as your guide as you try to check once in a while what you have and haven't achieved. You have to take this as a brainstorming process that allows you to see your goals in papers. Try not to hold back and write as many realistic goals as you can. Also, just worry about budget and time later when you try to narrow down your choices to set your final goal. You can list goals like dropping 20 pounds, getting a new car, taking a trip a long trip or meeting important people you haven't seen for a long time.

Organize a big wish list. To do this, you need to group all your goals that are related to each other. For example, you can cluster exercise, nutrition and diet as they are components of your goal to lose weight. When you do this, you will come with defined goals that will not overwhelm you.

Get the top five goals. This time, you can narrow down your goals to five of your most desirable goals. You should be working on these goals for the next months but you have to be specific how many months you would want to achieve them. If you have listed up to 20 goals, taking the top 5 out of them will give you more likelihood to achieve them.

Make an action plan and time frame for every goal. For instance, if you have the goal to run with your friends after your work, you need to check your schedule and the days of the week that you may have the best time to run with them. You can run twice a week, say Wednesdays and Saturdays. For your time frame, you can set to achieve a goal for three months. This will give you enough time if you like what you are doing and the people with you. Your action plan is to join them and determine how this activity goes for a month.

Reassess your plan every month. When you have performed your action plan for thirty days already, try to evaluate if you still have the desire to continue it. Or else, you have to drop it before you see yourself starting different goals without completing all of them. It is your motivation that will keep you going. You need to replace an undesirable goal with another that you want to continue.

Keep your sense of humor. If you don't like your workout buddy you need to replace him because you will no longer be motivated to continue to run when you are with him. If you want to be motivated by someone else, you can hire a trainer for some sessions or you can ask one of your co-workers to do it with you or search more about 100 day challenge.

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