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Diathermy Red Vein Removal is the oldest and most established method of red vein and broken capillary removal.

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Diathermy is a trusted and reliable method for the removal of red veins and broken capillarys in the face. Results are successful and consistent for the removal of red veins, broken capillarys and skin tags.Diathermy works on all skin types and colours and the results are fast.


If you have small red veins, broken capillarys or blemishes in a confined area of your skin, then diathermy is the right solution for your skin because it can treat even the tiniest patch of skin affected by broken veins and broken capillarys without effecting surrounding area. Results are instant in most cases. A second treatment is seldom but sometimes required.


Many physicians and cosmetic clinics use diathermy for successful removal of red veins, skin tags, broken capillaries and milia for one simple reason, it works instantly.The treatment is popular with both men and women.


Red Vein Removal For Men and Women in available by nurse trained therapists at Dublin Vitality Centre Clinics




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SPECIAL OFFER 2016 Price: € 70. Normal Price: € 105