Red Light Photo-rejuvenation is extremely beneficial for healing acne along with wrinkles and open pores.

Red Light Therapy Photo-rejuvenation

Light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefits. Blue light is a highly effective means of killing acne causing bacteria while red light adds an anti-inflamatory effect to the treatment process. The process was established by NASA as part of their research into maintaining life outside of normal conditions.


Enhances skin cell renewal and rebirth

Promotes rebuilding of collagen

Eliminates acne and blemish

Eliminates brown age spots

'Reduces and eradicates rosacea

Reduces pore size

Reduces scars

Eliminates enlarged and fractured capillaries 



At Dublin Vitality Centre Blanchardstown,  light therapy treatment can be introduced as as part of all microdermabrasion treatments or on its own to help with acne. 30 minute treatment 50 euros.