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Probiotics and Acidophilus and Colonic Irrigation

Pre and Probiotics are available at Dublin Vitality Centre clinics in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown. The most advanced and best probiotics on the market today contain a prebiotic which ensures they are not broken down by the gastric juices of the digestive system. .


Probiotics have become a popular buzz word in recent years. Many people use them and take them regularly but its important to understand their exact function. A probiotic simply means a good bacteria. There are millions of good bacteria living in the digestive tract. There function is to break down food and aid digestion. They also help waste matter in the colon to form. They are an essential part of the digestive process.

When diarrhea occurs much of this good bacteria or intestinal flora can be washed away along with the waste that leaves the colon. In the instance where diarrhea occurs regularly in intermittently, a course of probiotics are useful to help good bacteria to repopulate within the colon.

It is thought that intestinal flora begins to repopulate just a few hours after taking a good bacteria in the form of probiotics. Candida albicans are another micro organism which grow within the digestive tract. It has a role and function like all other bacteria. It is thought that it helps eliminate heavy metals such as those consumed by tinned food in the body. However, an overgrowth of candida albicans can lead to digestive problems, gas and fatique. Therefore, if you are perscribed a course of l medicine to kill off candida albicans, a probiotic may be taken afterwards. Unfortunately, medication does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria and therefore it may deplet your stores of good bacteria.

In the case where antibiotics have been taken, a course of probiotics are always recommended. Antibiotics do not just attack the bad bacteria but also negate the good stuff too. A probiotic may be taken in capsule form daily with water or you may decide to take a dairy version which are widely available in the supermarket refrigeraters. Popular brand names are Danone actimel, Yakult or Kefir.

When laxatives have been taken a probiotics should also be given to supplement the loss of good bacteria. Laxatives cause the colon to release its contents and with it good bacteria are washed away. Good bacteria is often referred to as probiotics and also goes by the name of acidophilus. They both mean more of less the same thing.

Another reason to take a probiotic is after a course of colonic irrigation. This is necessary for just the same reason as above. During a colonic, the contents of the large intestines are cleared. The benefits of this include a reduction in bloating caused by gas building up in the colon. It also helps to give all the organs a fresh flush of purified water since the colons main function is to absorb water.

The good news is that when you have colonic hydrotherapy with a qualified health professional, you will be given a probiotic post treatment and you may be advised to take a course of them. Colonics may be beneficial for the reduction of various problems associated with the bowel including bloating, constipation, impaction, IBS and PMS to name but a few.


Pre and Probiotics are available at Dublin Vitality Centre clinics in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown. The most advanced and best probiotics on the market today contain a prebiotic which ensures they are not broken down by the gastric juices of the digestive system.

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