Remove liver toxins and dark under eye circles at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown


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Procedure Information: This procedure is best done following colon irrigation, and can be done in the office directly after a session or the implant brought home for retention there. Due to the small quantity of fluid, it is easy for most individuals to retain the reflorastation; however some experience a "false" sense of needing to move the bowels. If you take
it home with you, try to retain the bacteria (lying down) for 20—60 minutes. It is optimal to not expel after rising. Of course, if needed, one may evacuate their bowels. If any excess is eliminated - that is okay. To help with success of implantation, multiplication and future success of beneficial bacteria, one must feed them! Avoid foods that deplete the body of calcium and other minerals – sugar, corn syrup, and refined sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol. Eat a diet high in minerals, and foods high in probiotic food such as onions, asparagus, artichokes and garlic. 
Possible Reactions & Benefits: The primary importance of the reflorastation is to restore the colon's bacteria to its healthy and normal state. Many have reported relief to irritable bowel problems, reducing pain and bloating, and an improvement in bowel function, including resolving chronic constipation. The functions of the large intestine are many -  when the bacterial dynamics are at an optimum, then the production of certain nutrients is enhanced, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is increased, and the binding of toxins for elimination is advanced. In the first three days, 20% of people experience some reaction, such as a change in the color of the stool (yellow is a liver response, army green is a bile response), mucous may be present, or an increase in flatulence for a few hours. Generally, within three days, there is ease in defecation, reduction in gas and bloating. Stool should float – stools float when friendly intestinal bacteria produce short chain fatty acids causing them to be lighter than water. 
Wheatgrass / Liquid Chlorophyll : You probably know how powerful wheatgrass shots are as a cleanser, detoxifier, energizer and full body rejuvenator. As an implant directly into the colon its cleansing, deodorizing, healing and nutritive values are unprecedented. A wheatgrass implant is tremendously healing to the lining of the gut, helps restore proper pH, balances the gut ecology, and leaves you feeling a surge of energy and a sweet taste in your mouth all day long.
Wheatgrass can be challenging to retain – retention is helped greatly by making sure it is body temperature, and that the bowel is empty. 20 minutes is optimal. (If you can’t get fresh wheatgrass, liquid chlorophyll is a god second choice.)
Coffee: Coffee implants help remove toxins from the liver quickly and safely. They often provide quick relief when fatigued, sleepy or headachy. They help reduce or eliminate spasms, they have been known to reduce pain, and difficulties resulting in the withdrawal from all intoxicating substances. (see Gerson info sheet.) 
Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe soothes and heals tissues throughout the entire digestive tract. It extremely beneficial for the colon, hemorrhoids, liver, and uterus. It not only provides a healing effect, but it can also help return a  sagging or prolapsed bowel to its normal position. The regular use of aloe vera gel and extract can help keep the colon clean. 
Herbal Solutions (teas): Any herbal tea with properties that would address your particular issue can be implanted.
Examples: Burdock Root is one of the best blood purifiers; it is great for the skin; it improves kidney action and more. Yarrow is good for the liver, glands and stomach; it opens pores on the skin for rapid elimination; it is good for colds, cramps, fever, and flu. Red Raspberry is excellent for gynecological problems. Wild Cherry Bark is useful for those who do not eliminate enema or colonic irrigation water easily. Also consider: dandelion, blessed thistle, milk thistle, elder flower, mullein, etc

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Remove liver toxins and dark under eye circles at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown

Liver Coffee Enemas: The liver is the detox center of the body. It can become conjested due to everyday common toxins such as; incorrect diet, excessive alcohol, medical drugs and toxic chemicals in the air we breath. Toxins in the liver can lead to heavy dark cirles and bag under the eyes.

Liver Coffee Enemas: Many believe dark cirlces and eye bags are hereditory. But what may be hereditory is a liver which is slow or sluggish at detoxing. This in turn may lead to dark circles and eye bags. During a colonic liver detox enema a herbal solution containing caffeine is gently infused into the colon and retained for 15 minutes to gently detox the liver.. The results of a liver detox are instantly brighter skin, eyes and vitality. Liver detox enema is a must-have treatment to accompany any detox programme and to kickstart a new diet.

What is an Coffee Enema Implant? 
A Liver Coffee Enema or implant is usually a small amount of a concentrated solution (coffee, wheatgrass, herbal preparations/teas, probiotics, aloe gel, etc.) inserted directly into the colon through the rectum and retained for a certain amount of time. If you’re wondering why you would do such a thing, or what the benefits might be, it really varies depending on what your
needs are and what solutions you are implanting. One purpose would be maximum absorption of whatever is in the chosen solution, and it's direct and immediate affect on the colon and therefore the rest of the body system. The mucus membranes in the colon, and the way absorption works from there, is far more potent and direct than digesting a substance. In fact, rectal implants were the first iv's, really – a way to get nourishment and medicine into people who couldn't eat or take anything. For example: a coffee implant (often called a coffee enema): while retaining a coffee solution in the colon, the caffeine is absorbed through the colon wall and brought directly to the liver. Absorbing the caffeine in this fashion (as opposed to digesting it) causes the liver’s portal vein to dilate, the bile ducts to expand, and the bile flow to increase. This causes the smoothe muscles of these organs to relax, a 700% increase in certain enzymatic productions and a large flushing of toxic bile from the body. Another, and very different, example would be a rectal implantation and retention of a probiotic solution.  This allows  for greater viability of a much larger population of the probiotic than just oral consumption. This is because the probiotic does not have to survive it’s way through hydrochloric acid and other extremes in pH before it arrives at the colon.
Types of Implants
The Probiotic Implant: A probiotic implant is a special solution of healthy and beneficial intestinal bacteria that is introduced directly into the colon. This procedure is designed to strengthen and reinforce the balance of the bowel flora, to restore the colon's bacteria to its healthy and normal state. 
Why should I consider this treatment: All of the beneficial bacteria in our gut that we depend on for health and vitality are ‘environment specific’. That means as our internal environment changes so do our bacterial populations. Changes in our internal environment (pH) are usually due to dietary and lifestyle choices, but can also be reactions to stress and negative emotions, external toxins, or food allergies & sensitivities (see info sheet). When traveling in foreign countries, we
are exposed to conditions which our bodies are unfamiliar. These situations disrupt the normal intestinal flora. Fermentation in the intestines causes increased bloating and flatulence. Putrification in the intestines is indicated by odorous flatulence and stools. But these conditions are no longer isolated to world travelers!  At this stage of the game, most folks have a lot of imbalance in their pH (acid / alkaline balance), and most folks don’t have a whole lot of the good bacteria left working for them. Many individuals eat a diet almost opposite in what they actually need in terms of alkaline versus acid food sources (including low fiber, high in refined sugars and carbohydrates and processed foods, caffeine and sodas), have taken antibiotics, or have used hormonal birth control. By supplementing the intestinal flora with a special solution of beneficial bacteria , you can replace what might have been destroyed or disrupted. It is beneficial to repeat
this as needed until implantation has been successful, and this will vary with each individual depending on their circumstances and conditions. Then, it is always a good idea to consider implanting twice a year with your colonic irrigation session.

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Remove liver toxins and dark under eye circles at Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown