Review of Dublin Vitality Center | Irish Independent says "Im a Colonic Convert

What people and press say about Dublin Vitality Centre in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown. You dont have to be a celebrity to have colonics at Dublin Vitality Centre but many who visit Dublin Vitality Centre are.



"Ive never felt so good in all my life" Sarah, Dublin


"I cant believe it was so private" John, Cork


"This treatment is something I will do every year. Its amazing. I feel so much lighter and less bloated. Thanks. Ill be back". Graham, Meath.


"This has helped me with my IBS. I would recommend it to anyone." Sorcha, Drogheda


"I had stopped losing weight. I didnt really know what to do next. Once I had the treatment I lost an incredible 5 LBS and the weight loss continued. Brilliant and so private. " Paul, Dunlaoghaire.


"I am a colonic convert." The Irish Independent.