3 Day Detox at Home


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If you cant find the time or budget to head away to an exotic paradise but still wish to undertake an extreme detox programme, Dublin Vitality Center invites you to undertake one of our 3 Day Detox programmes. You will visit the center for treatments but will undertake the relaxation, meditation, diet and juicing at home yourself. A variety of packages exist to suit you.


Full Detox









Day 1: Personal Exercise Training Programme, nutritional consultation and Colonic Irrigation


Day 2. Colonic Irrigation - Fasting

Day 3. Colonic & Liver Caffeine Enema



Body Detox




Day 1. Colonic

Day 2 Colonic & Fasting

Day 3 Colonic



Liver &Body



Day 1. Colonic

Day 2. Colonic & Fasting

Day 3 Colonic & Liver Caffeine enema or Probiotic Implant



The 3 Day Detox should be done over 5 days for most people or 3 days for those of a advanced health disposition. Medical approval may be required from your GP


Dublin Vitality Center brings you the 3 day Colonic Detox. During 3 days the client will visit the center and undertake 3 colonics over 3 days. This intense detox will clear the body of years of dangerous unwanted toxins, stimulate serotonin in the colon and generate a feeling of well being and ongoing optimum health.


Treat yourself or someone you love to the ultimate Detox. Dublin Vitality Centers 3 Day Colonic Detox is designed to clear the body of years of toxins which can build up on the walls of the colon.


Benefits of 3 Day Detox

Remove Toxins

Reduce Stress

Lose Weight

Clear Skin

Determine underlying health issues

Increase Mood,Defeat Depression

Detox the Liver


The treatment is carried out over 3 days. On the final day, a coffee enema may be  used to rid the liver of toxins. Many clients have reported a “life changing” feeling of well being and have found that weight loss followed quite naturally.

Many people travel to asia each year to attend spa clinics where a similar detox is undertaken. It is now possible to benefit from the ultimate detox at home with Dublin Vitality Centers Ultimate 3 Day Detox.


Colonic Irrigation 3 Day Detox From €250**SPECIAL OFFER 2016* Ballsbridge 01-9018359 South Side City Centre and Blanchardstown Tel: 01-8201602 NURSE TRAINED, Nutritionists, Weight loss Gym & Clinic


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Colonic Irrigation 3 Day Detox From €250**SPECIAL OFFER 2016* Ballsbridge, South Side City Centre and Blanchardstown Tel: 01-8201602 NURSE TRAINED, Nutritionists, Weight loss Gym & Clinic, Flatten Tummy, Brighten Skin, lose Weight


What Should You Do During Your 3 Day Detox


A detox holiday is becoming a popular option for many people. Celebrities and film stars have been doing it for a long time. But now its becoming more accessible to the rest of us. It allows you to get away from it all and detox the body and mind at the same time with some wonderful holistic detox treatments. You return home to your life, refreshed, renewed and energised, ready to take on new challenges with clean eyes and a clear mind.

This sort of detox involves jetting off to an exotic location. In such places colonic irrigation and enemas may be provided. Supplements and fresh juices are supplied at regular intervals and staff can assist with abdominal massage to loosen up old toxin matter lodged in the colon. These detox holidays are usually one week during which time you may choose to fast or cut out toxic foods. If you can manage to have a holiday detox, you should grab the opportunity with both hands because there is nothing better for your body and mind than some time out combined with detoxing. But with any holiday comes stress. What should you pack? Can you afford it? What about the price?

And its not always possible to get away and drop everything. As part of Dublin Vitality Centers 3 Day Detox, clients are invited to re-create a detox week with some supervised instructions and also to attend the clinic for colonic irrigation, enemas and nutritional advice. You can choose a detox combination that works for you. This enables anyone to take a few days out of life for themselves and give their body and mind the break it deserves without the stress of getting on a plane, deciding what to wear and worry about who you may meet of what may be expected of you.

What do to When Detoxing at Home During Dublin Vitality Center 3 Day Detox

Dublin Vitality Centers 3 Day Detox Can be done over a weekend. It enables you to undertake a mini detox with minimal expense and to attend the clinic for detox treatments such as colonic irrigation, liver detox enemas and full body analysis testing, which is used to ensure weakened body systems can heal with a tailored supplement plan designed specifically for your body.

1. Switch off the Television and the Radio. Instead listen to relaxing music and read a book. You will be surprised how calming it can be.

2. Drink warm water. Sip on warm water. Add lemon to flavour it. It will help rid your body of toxins quickly.

3. Eat simple foods. Cook some simple brown rice, quinoa and vegetables. Use just simple herbs,pepper to flavour and add some olive oil. Wash all foods in filtered water. Eat slowly in silence and chew your food thoroughly.

4. Stop Working: Turn off your mobile phone and take a few days off work. Plan ahead and do your detox at a time when other members of your family or household are on holidays or away. The idea is to have a quiet peaceful space for your mind to relax in.

5. Book a Massage: During a deep massage lymphatic drainage occurs which means the cells push toxins out. These toxins are excreted during colonic irrigation or by the bladder. By pushing toxins out of the cells, your body can work more efficiently and weightloss naturally occurs. A massage will allow you to de-stress and sleep peacefully.

6. Fast: fasting for 4 - 6 hours daily is enough time to shrink your stomack to its normal size and therefore reduce the appetite naturally. Fasting gives your body a break from the stress of digestion so that healing can occur. It allows all the organs to rest and return to normal size. When you are taking the correct supplements which can be tailored for you on Dublin Vitality Centers Full Body Analysis Test, you will not be hungry and you will be able to last 4 - 6 hours easily. This allows you to build up to longer periods. Always gain permission from your GP before undergoing a fast and never fast if you suffer from diabetes or any blood sugar related issue.

7. Light some candles and burn some aromatic oils. This often helps you to breath deeply which in turn leads to relaxation.. Lavendar oil is very useful and it promotes sleep and relaxation.

8. Undertake Gentle Exercise: Take a 30 minute refreshing walk in the morning or evening. Breath the fresh oxygen into your lungs. Choose a park, beach or a quiet place where you can get some "me" time without noise or polution.

9. Dry Body Brush: Treat yourself to a dry body brush. Before you shower, brush the skin in the direction of the heart. This will clear away dead skin cells and it will stimulate the circulation.

10. Take Bentonite Clay and Psyllium husks drinks. This helps loosen mucoid plaque in the colon. Mucoid plaque appears to develop in the presence of acids wherein the mucus is secreted and coagulates and adheres to the walls of the colon inhibiting peristaltic action and stopping the body from absorbing nutrients. It leads to dehydration and constipation. Drink lots of water undertake colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Center. Ensure the loosened toxins are removed fully as they may be reabsorbed and lead to nausea.

11. Go to Bed early and sleep well. Do some basic stretches in the morning to ease away aches and pains.

12. Keep a Journal: Make a note of how you are feeling and how your mind is. Write down your thoughts each day and before you go to bed. You may be inspired to think of things you want to do. Write it down so that you can get to it when you finish your detox.

13 Congratulate Yourself! Well done. A detox is a wonderful achieve particularly if its your first one.

3 Day Detox Options - Always get medical clearance from your GP before undertaking a detox. You may be asked to confirm that your GP has given you clearance.


Colonic Irrigation 3 Day Detox From €250**SPECIAL OFFER 2016* Ballsbridge, South Side City Centre and Blanchardstown Tel: 01-8201602 NURSE TRAINED, Nutritionists, Weight loss Gym & Clinic, Flatten Tummy, Brighten Skin, lose Weight