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Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation also known as colonic hydrotherapy has been used for centurys to restore wellbeing and health. The popularity of this incredible treatment has remained consistant over the years for one reason. Colonic Irrigation works to detox the body of harmful substances. They give an instant feeling of wellbeing. Colonic irrigation may benefit in so many ways:

marker-dublin-vitality-center Lift mood and relieve depression

marker-dublin-vitality-center Relieve constipation and bloating

marker-dublin-vitality-center Reduce Symptoms of IBS

marker-dublin-vitality-center Flatten Tummy

marker-dublin-vitality-center Clear Skin (psoriasis, acne, eczema)

marker-dublin-vitality-center Enable Relaxation and assist Sleep

marker-dublin-vitality-center Reduce inflammations in the body

marker-dublin-vitality-center Increase Fertility

marker-dublin-vitality-center Strenghten the Colon and Increase Peristaltic Action

marker-dublin-vitality-center Remove Candida

marker-dublin-vitality-center Strenghten Immune System

marker-dublin-vitality-center Increase Metabolism and Weightloss


Liver Detox Enemas

At Dublin Vitality Center, we use caffeine Liver enemas to further detox the colon and specifically the liver. Toxins in the liver build up over time from the use of medications (chemotherapy), alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, environmental toxins, hormones (the pill). When our body is working hard to detox these substances, it very often becomes over worked. The liver is overworked and cannot keep up with the work load. It throws some of its toxic load back at other organs such as the colon, the skin and lungs. An over worked or toxic liver can result in problems elsewhere in the body. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, fatigue, insomnia, irritable mood and depress may signify liver toxification. After a liver enema, clients report a feeling of lightness and lifted mood. They notice that their eyes and skin sparkle. They feel clean inside and out. Appointment is necessary 01-8201602


About Us

At Dublin Vitality Center, we support sustainability and aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We use solar powered energy and organic bio degradable materials where possible. Book today on 01-8201602


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Dublin Vitality Center practitioner Frances at Nyumbani vilage in Kenya. Nyumbani Village is a model bio-friendly and self-sustaining community serving orphans and elders who have been left behind by the “lost generation” resulting from the HIV/AIDS pandemic.



Quality Affordable Treatments

At Dublin Vitality Center we believe that everyone is entitled to feel healthy, happy and energised. We have been providing high quality affordable health detox and natural skincare treatments in Dublin for many years and have earned a reputation for exceptional value and professional service.


Health With a Social Conscience

We have created our own purpose built clinic in Blanchardstown Village specifically for use as a health center. Interiors are finished with bespoke bio-degradable wood to perfectly reflect our belief in sustainable planet friendly living. We use solar panel generated electricity where possible. Because we take a holistic approach to health, we are trained, not just in detox and nutrition but also certified skin care and dental care practitioners. Qualifications and certificates are displayed in our cosy waiting area for your information.


A NEW And Unique Colonic Irrigation Method

If you have ever wanted to try colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy but were put off by the idea of loss of privacy or embarrassment, do not worry. At Dublin Vitality Center, we offer a unique and modern method of colonic irrigation which is simply unmatchable. We are trained in other commonly used systems but have selected what we consider the very best for your comfort and privacy. That is why our clients return to Dublin Vitality Center again and again. We rarely advertise because we do not need to. Word of mouth has created a respected and well known reputation for high quality colonic Irrigation, natural skincare and nutritional treatments in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Book Today: 01-8201602

Private, Modern & Comfortable Colonic Hydrotherapy

It may be hard to imagine but it is now possible to enjoy the powerful health giving benefits of colonic irrigation and enemas without any loss of privacy. We are the very first and only clinic in Ireland who provide the Harley Street Method. Tubes are smaller. Treatment is provided by qualified nurses and there is no embarrassing odors or exposure of the body at any time. Our nurses are certified and experienced in colonic irrigation as well as having qualifications in skin, massage and nutrition. Bloating is reduced, tummy feels flatter and a feeling of lightness and vitality is experienced.


Effective & Natural  Colonic Liver Coffee Enemas

At Dublin Vitality Center, we clear the colon using the very latest and most advanced Harley Street Method as part of your coffee liver enema treatment. The caffeine colonic enema solution is then gently introduced into the colon where it is retained for approximately 15 minutes. It is then released along with old matter and toxins which may have been residing in the colon and liver for some time. The result is increased vitality and health along with a feeling of wellbeing and lightness. Many people notice dark circles and eye bags are reduced. .Call 01-8201602 for bookings


The Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation Featured On GMTV With Lorraine Keane




Affordable Health Treatments

Because we own our own building, our prices do not include the cost of expensive high street rents. This means you pay less for the highest quality health treatments provided by nurse trained practitioners. We invest in the very best equipment, ongoing training and continue to pass the savings on to you. Our cosy friendly clinic is tucked away quietly and conveniently in Blanchardstown Village just behind Super Valu (formerly Superquinn). Come see us. We are sure you will agree that health and vitality need not cost the earth.


Health and Nutrition - Food Intolerance Test E105

At Dublin Vitality Center, we provide food intolerance testing and nutritional consultations. Food intolerance testing is provided using the very latest Biomeridian FDA certified technology. The test gives a reading of 115 everyday common foods with an instant printed read out rating the foods with a red (avoid) green (proceed) or yellow (use seldom). Biomeridian is a world renowned name in healthcare. We are the very first clinic in Ireland to provide Biomeridian Food Intolerance Testings.


Biomeridian Body MOT Test - E120

The body MOT test takes a view of all body systems and can detect emerging weakened organs. Symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and skin rashes are indicators of an underlying weakened organ. Using the most advanced computeried technology it is possible to detect such weaknesses and to recommend a customised health plan to rectify and bring the body back to health.

Colonic Irrigation For IBS - What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a name given to a disorder of the muscular walls of the bowel. It affets gut motility - the rate at which the ontents fo the bowel are pushed along to the rectum. IBS should be divided into 3 separate names depending on how the bowel is behaving.

Sluggish or Sleepy Bowel Syndrome.

Signs of IBS are

  • Abdominal pains
  • discomfort after meals
  • diarrhoea
  • Alternating diarrhoea and constipation


Recipes For Health

For many clients their journey to health starts with colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Center. Following your colonic irrigation detox, you may wish to do more reading and research into healthy living. Experts now agree that detoxing the body of harmful waste and introducing a plant protein diet may remove or reduce disease. Studies have shown that those who reduce animal fats and follow a vegetarian based diet high in plants sterols exhibit less symptoms and faster healing. It is thought that nutrition combined with detox hold the key to both cure and cause of many diseases and cancers. We invite you to take a look at our online catalogue of health related information . Click to Read More