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Dublin Vitality Center provides excellent value Colonic Irrigation €79, Microdermabrasion €50, Red Vein Removal Diathermy €50, Organic Teeth whitening €80, “The Natural Botox”Medical Skin needling derma rolling €90 and Full Body MOT Vitality Living Method 10 Day Detox Diet Plan €130.

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About us

Nurse Trained Therapists | Exceptional Value Prices

Yes, everything you have heard about us is true. We really do change lives every day with our amazing health, detox and weightloss programmes. Dublin Vitality Center really is Irelands best loved organic health clinic. From our cosy purpose built health clinic in Dublin 15, we provide exclusive treatments such as The Harley Street Method ™ of colonic hydrotherapy,  Biomeridian Food Intolerance Test, Naturally White™ organic teeth whitening , Medical Microdermabrasion, Red Vein, Milia and Skin Tag Removal and Medical Micro needling, often referred to as The Natural Botox. Using an exclusive Botanical Skin Science range of products, our dual trained  nurse therapists ensure you receive the very best combination of medical training and FDA approved equipment with medically developed botanical skin friendly products. That is why a visit to Dublin Vitality Center is your first step towards a healthy, slimmer, younger and more energised you

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Our Treatments

Dublin Vitality Center is tucked away quietly in the heart of Blanchardstown Village just behind SuperValu carpark. Within its cosy wooden interiors, the following treatments are offered by nurse trained health therapists.
Harley Street Method Colonic Irrigation €79. This wonderful treatment takes 40 minutes and is provided by nurse trained therapists who are certified to the highest level possible. Our nurses hold Advanced Level I-ACT certification and use the FDA approved Harley Street Method for a life changing detox treatment which is private and comfortable and beneficial to both men and women.
Medical Microdermabrasion €50. Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion is offered by nurse trained therapists using the Advanced Medical Microdermabrasion diamond system. During this comfortable and relaxing 40 minute treatment, the upper dermis is abraded reducing wrinkles, fine lines and encouraging the production of collagen. Skin glows with youth and vibrancy. SPECIAL OFFER 5 Medical Microdermabrasion x €200 . 5th Microdermabrasion is FREE
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Diathermy for Red / Thread Vein Removal on the Face €50 per treatment. Red veins on the face often appear around the nose and on the cheek areas. These are quite often hereditary and can only be removed with cosmetic intervention. Diathermy is the longest established and most effective treatment for the instant removal of red veins, milia, spider nearvi, blood spots, broken capillarys and flat warts on the face and neck. Normally one treatment is all that is required to instantly remove red veins by nurse trained skin therapists at Dublin Vitality Center.
Liver Flush Colonic Enemas €120 Liver enemas are often used to cleanse the liver of putrid toxins and to increase vitality and health.
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Food Intolerance Testing €90. Using the only FDA certified device food intolerance testing device, Dublin Vitality Center was the first to introduce this system in 2010. Since there its popularity and accuracy has results in 4 other clinics around the country following our lead. This tests uses no needles, offers instant printed results on a computerised modern system of 115 foods with a rating of red, green or yellow.
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Organic Naturally White™ Laser Teeth Whitening €120. Using the advanced IBRITE system, laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center is carried out by a qualified dental nurse. The Naturally White ™ system is ideal for those with sensitive teeth and uses no peroxide or acidic chemicals.
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