What Is Functional Gut Health?

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Functional gut health (FGH) is a holistic wellbeing protocol that aims to create wellness by getting to the root cause of issues that originate in the gut. It is now accepted that many illnesses and diseases start in the gut. Functional Gut Health is a preventative practice provided by Dublin Vitality Centre, that works in four ways. The first is to physically cleanse and detox the main eliminatory organs - the bowel and the liver - of impaction, toxins and imbalanced gut flora like Candida through advanced FDA certified colonic hydrotherapy and organic liver coffee enemas. The second is to hydrate the gut and restore balance. The third is to identify triggers relating to diet and to correct imbalances through bespoke nutrition such as food intolerance testing. And the fourth is to restore and replant good gut flora by introducing pre and probiotics foods and nutrients into the body directly via probiotic enemas. Functional gut health at Dublin Vitality Centre is a "whole listic" practice because it takes into account wellbeing as a whole to produce improvements in overall vitality. Functional Gut Health can help to correct skin conditions, digestive issues and mood imbalances which manifest as a result of impaction and dysbiosis within the bodies main eliminatory organs, the bowel and the liver. That is why Functional Gut Health full body wellbeing protocols can benefit the entire body, improving skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, rosacea and creating improvements in IBS, constipation and mood. The key to these improvements is the reduction of inflammation and the removal of built up toxicity that results from hydrating and restoring the gut, bowel and liver with colonic hydrotherapy.

What Is Medical Holistic Skin Rejuvenation?

At Dublin Vitality Centre, we combine clinical ingredients with holistic practices to create a clean, non inflammatory and results driven approach to skin rejuvenation. In our treatments, we use natural products which are paraban free, vegan, organic and which compliment overall body wellness. Whether you choose to undergo IPL laser, microdermabrasion, skin needling, red vein removal diathermy, nano needling, holistic facials or Vitamin A revita peels, at Dublin Vitality Centre, you can be sure that the skin treatment you receive uses solutions that target aging and skin conditions at source and that are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, parabens, animal testing, artificial colours and fragrances. That's because, at Dublin Vitality Centre, we mix a fresh cocktail of enzymes, herbs, nutrients and minerals to suit your specific skin concern, every time. But that's not all. Because our philosophy is based on combining the best of "holistic" and the best of "medical", the skin nutrients used by us contain an advanced liposomal delivery system which enables the natural product to penetrate the skin deeper than other organic topicals. This means that not only are you receiving the purest ingredients in your skin treatments, but that absorption of these natural ingredients is super boosted for exceptional results. Considering undergoing a course of colonic hydrotherapy to clear skin, increase hydration, remove toxins and boost skin in a way that you wont believe.

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Party Lifestyle Detox

Party lifestyle detox ia a 90 minute body cleanse for ordinary everyday party people who wish to detoxify the body of chemicals, alcohol and toxic substances that accumulate in the liver and which lead to dull skin, fatigue, dark circles under the eyes and weight gain. When its time to reboot all body systems after a period of heavy partying and over indulging, Party Lifestyle Detox is the perfect treatment to cleanse, detox and renew the entire body from the inside out. The treatment consists of far infra red thermotherapy to warm and increase blood circulation. This is accompanied by mechanical lymphatic abdominal massage to begin the process of moving toxins towards the bowel and liver. Next, the mobilised toxins are cleansed from the bowel with the advanced Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy. Now that the pathway is cleared, a herbal green bean organic liver coffee enema is introduced into the bowel. It is retained for 15 minutes whereby it circulates up into the liver, stimulating bile ducts and causing a flush of toxins to be released back into the bowel and removed from the body at the end of the treatment.

A Different Type Of Colonic Treatment

You may have heard from someone you know who had colonic irrigation that they felt surprisingly great afterwards. One theory for this feeling of increased wellbeing is that because colonic irrigation removes impaction and increases peristaltic action of the gut, it also kick-starts the production of serotonin there (remember up to 95% of the feel good hormone is produced in the bowel). Most people would agree that cleansing away years of impaction from the bowel with colonic irrigation seems like a good idea, a little like clearing lime scale off the pipes of your home plumbing systems is a good idea or changing the oil in your car.

The Harley Street Method Of Colonic Hydrotherapy

If you always wanted to try colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy but were put off by the loss of privacy involved, Dublin Vitality Centre has good news for you. The Harley Street Method is an advanced FDA approved Med II method whereby it is possible to undergo colonic irrigation in absolute privacy. Tubes are considerably smaller than traditional methods (approximately the size of the tip of a pen and only inserted about 1 inch into the body). Self insertion of the tube is possible and the system is equipped with a mini personal shower, automatic odour vacuum and many other features which make colonic hydrotherapy accessible to those who are challenged by the idea of a loss of privacy. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about colonic irrigation and try The Harley Street Method today. Dublin Vitality Centre is an I-ACT internationally certified school of training for colonic hydrotherapy. I-ACT is the only qualification accepted in the USA where the the profession of colonic hydrotherapy is regulated by law.

Lets face it, deep body detox treatments can seem daunting when booking by yourself. Thats why we are the only clinic in Ireland who have two separate functional gut health colonic hydrotherapy rooms. That makes it possible to book yourself and yours friend or partner in at the same time. Don't worry, you will be in separate rooms, of course. Look out for special FRIENDS DEAL offers on our booking page.

At Dublin Vitality Centres flagship city centre clinic, we have two systems for colonic irrigation, which means that you and a friend can undergo this life changing functional gut health treatment, at the same time and for a discounted price. Book together and receive our friends deal. See special offers on our online booking system. Available at Dublin Vitality Centres city centre clinic only.

What Is The Gut Brain Connection?

You have two brains - the one in your head and the one in your bowel. Your bowel produces up 95% of serotonin, the feel good hormone. That's why anxiety and depression are directly related to your bowel and your levels of internal toxicity. Have you ever felt depressed for no reason? Did you know that the very same drugs used for gut health issues such as IBS, are anti-depressants? That's because there is a direct link between your mood, metabolism and your gut. Gut health means bowel health. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we recognise that the first step to a healthy mind is a clean body. But that's not all. A recent study by The Harvard Medical Journal tells us that intestinal plaque is a build up in your bowel, and that this build up can be directly related to heart disease. If you are not eliminating properly, circulating toxins will try to exit your body through other organs such as your skin. If you suffer from any of the following , you may benefit from colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas combined with nutritional correction therapy in the form of food intolerance testing. This Functional Gut Health treatment protocol can may help you if you suffer from :

  • Constipation
  • Anxiety
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Depression & Anger
  • Bags & Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Acne , Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Gas And Indigestion
  • Body Odour & Bad Breath
  • Emotional & Spiritual Blocks
  • Weight gain & Weight loss Plateaus


Do you find that you inevitably experience bloating and constipation on holidays? If so, you are not alone. You might wonder why it is that travel leaves you bloated and heavy. That's because many people are sensitive to flying. It causes their bowel to stop. Counteract this by undergoing one of our targeted cleanses which include colonic hydrotherapy in advance or on return from your next holiday. We offer some free practical steps to help you maintain gut health when travelling.

The Intimate Laser Hair Removal Clinic

At Vitality Centre Dublin, we specialise in intimate body laser hair removal . When it comes to sensitive body parts such as our flagship Brazilian "itzy bitzy" bikini or for those who require facial hair removal due to personal lifestyle choices or for other reasons, we know that extra TLC is required. We have over 10 years experience in the provision of body and face treatments and are dedicated to your privacy and comfort at all times. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during intimate laser hair removal treatments.