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Vitality Living Method®

In our busy fast paced world, it has never been more important to find time to optimise health. Vitality Living Method® is a highly successful programme which has been designed by trained therapists over 6 years. The programme offers non surgical solutions to improve vitality, kickstart weight loss and create youthful skin progressively over a number of weeks. The Vitality Living Method® strengthens the body from the inside out, to create an environment which promotes health, weight loss and anti-aging skin rejuvenation naturally. Only by strengthening and removing toxicity from the key systems of the body can you truly look and feel your best and preserve youthful longevity throughout life.  Dublin Vitality Centre® is  Irelands only dedicated body and soul cleansing ayurvedic clinic and restorative suites at 50 Merrion Road, Premsuites, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Dublin Vitality Centre®  is the only internationally recognised academy for colonic hydrotherapy training in Ireland.

Vitality Living Method® Body Detox Transformation

A combination of treatments designed to detox the body from the inside out. The Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy using The Harley Street Method is a private and comfortable treatment which is used to cleanse, hydrate and optimise the bodys immune function resulting very often in instant inch loss.You may also undergo food intolerance testing exclusively at our Ballsbridge clinic using the advanced BioScan, an FDA cleared system which offers comprehensive results relating to all common foods including dairy, grains, fruit, veg, nuts, spices, sugars, meat and fish.  

Vitality Living Method® 4 Step Skin Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Programme

A non surgical skin rejuvenation programme for men and women,designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles progressively over a number of weeks using advanced methods of medical microdermabrasion, derma pen skin micro needling, red vein and milia removal. All skin treatments include the use of advanced plant based skin products containing pure hyaluronic acid, peptide and collagen serums and creams.

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Merrion Road Detox & Skin Clinic

You don't have to a celebrity to visit Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge, but many of our clients are.  Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge offers exclusive Harley Street detox and skin treatments at their flagship location within Premier Suites, 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Vitality Centre Clinics are leaders in the detox and colonics movement since 2009. They have been changing lives for many years and now its possible to stay at their exclusive Dublin 4 suites for up to 5 days where a holistic approach to health and wellness includes daily colonics, juice fasting and the art of meditation. The Vitality Cleanse Week is designed to get pollutants OUT of your mind, body and life. The result is a natural letting go of superfluous fat, stress and an increase in youthful energy.


Blanchardstown Detox & Colonic Irrigation Clinic

At Dublin Vitality Center in Dublin 15, you can experience exclusive treatments in a cosy wood clad treatment centre tucked away quietly in Blanchardstown Village.  Whether you chose to visit our flagship Dublin 4 clinic and detox holiday retreat or our smaller clinic in Dublin 15, you can expect the same high quality treatments and internationally trained staff.

Dublin Vitality Center | Colonic Irrigation €90, Merrion Road, South City Centre and Blanchardstown, Detox, Weight Loss,  Microdermabrasion €70, Red Vein Diathermy €70,Organic teeth whitening €99, Skin needling €90. Dublin Vitality Center **WEIGHT LOSS **Colonic Irrigation €90