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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Detox, flatten tummy, brighten skin with the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy.

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Liver Detox

Deep cleanse the bodys main detoxifying organ with liver coffee enema. Reduce eyebags. Increase immune function.

Laser & Skin

Medical grade gold stand laser hair removal, anti-aging, acne scar, microdermabrasion, red vein removal , skin needling.

Food Intolerance Test

Find out what food work best for your body and identify those that cause symptoms such as bloating, IBS, skin problems.

The Gut Brain Connection

Anxiety and depression are directly related to your bowel and toxicity. Have you ever felt depressed for no reason? Did you know that the very same drugs used for gut health issues such as IBS, are anti-depressants? There is a direct link between your mood, metabolism and your gut. Gut health means bowel health. The first step to a healthy mind is a clean body. But thats not all. A recent study by The Harvard Medical Journal tells us that intestinal plaque or a build up in your bowel, is directly related to heart disease. But it gets worse. If you are not eliminating properly, circulating toxins will try to exit your body through other organs such as your skin. If you suffer from any of the following , you may benefit from colonic hydrotherapy combined with nutritional correction therapy in the form of food intolerance testing at Irelands leading detox and gut health clinics.
- Constipation
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- Bags & Dark Circles Under Eyes
- Insomnia
- Gas And Indigestion
- Anxiety
- Depression & Anger
- Fatigue
- Acne , Psoriasis, Ezcema
- Body Odor & Bad Breath
- Weightgain & Weightloss Plateaus

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Why You Need To Detox

Do you really believe that illnesses like cancer , just happen? No, infact, they take a long time to develop. Sometimes, a lifetime. Thats why issues like bowel cancer often present in latter years. The conditions that are favourable for cancer are acidosis caused by toxins or inadequate removal of toxins by the body. If you bowel is not moving regularly, your body is reaborbing toxins. What are toxins? Alcohol, drugs, processed foods and the hardened feacal matter stuck in your bowel. Add to that stress, use of parabans like fake tans, chemically loaded skin products and environmental fumes from smoke and traffic and its easy to see why detoxing the bodies main eliminatory organs is the foundation for wellness. As a nation, we love to party. The global drugs survey has revealed that we are now the highest consumers of recreational drugs in Europe. Never mind alcohol. Our consumption of that is far beyond normal accepted levels. Vitality Centre offers specific restorative detox programmes to help balance and restore the body after exposure to high levels of alcohol and drugs use, both recreational and pharmaceutical. We will never ask you to disclose details of alcohol or drug usage because we know that no matter what your lifestyle is , we have a detox package that will help you to look and feel much better than you could ever imagine possible.

Find Out Your Toxicity Rating

Aeroplane Travel & Gut Health

Do you find that you inevitably experience bloating and constipation on holidays? If so, you are not alone. You might wonder why it is that travel leaves you bloated and heavy Thats because many people are sensitive to flying. It causes their bowel to stop. Counteract this by undergoing one of our targetted cleanses such as Inchloss Detox Express in advance or on return from your next holiday. We offer some free practical steps to help you maintain gut health.

Check out yoga and breathing for gut health here.

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Vitality Detox Programmes

A combination of treatments designed to detox the body from the inside out. The Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy is used to used to cleanse, hydrate and optimise the bodys immune function for best inch loss and detox results. Choose to undergo ur Gut Health Cleanse for IBS or The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox, a nutritional plan based on findings by Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of The China Study, the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever carried out.

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Vitality Living Method® 4 Step Skin Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Programme

A non surgical skin rejuvenation programme for men and women,designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles progressively over a number of weeks using advanced methods of medical microdermabrasion,derma pen skin micro needling, red vein and milia removal along with advanced plant based skin products containing hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen.

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Merrion Road Detox & Skin Clinic

There are many reasons why Dublin Vitality Centre® clinics are the recognised leaders for natural health, detox, colonic irrigation and skincare in Ireland among celebrities and ordinary people alike. Whether you wish to book a treatment or undergo 14 day restorative body cleanse at our private suites on Merrion Road, Dublin Vitality Centre® has a programme for you.

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Blanchardstown Detox & Colonic Irrigation Clinic

At Dublin Vitality Center in Dublin 15, you can experience the same exclusive treatments in a cosy adorable treatment centre tucked away quietly in Blanchardstown Village within a purpose built organic clinic. Whether you choose to visit our flagship Dublin 4 clinic and detox holiday suites or our cosy treatment clinic in Dublin 15, you can expect the same high quality treatments and nurse trained staff.